Acoplamentos de Precisão


High performance motion systems can place challenging demands on connecting elements like shaft couplings. Among other things, they need to withstand dynamic motion and large variations in drive torque while transferring rotation precisely. Couplings are also commonly asked to protect other system components from vibration and torque overload.

Beyond this is the trend toward increasingly compact sizes and energy efficient drive components: Transmissions in particular are becoming smaller since compact machines with lighter components save money. To this end, the use of precision couplings over other traditional coupling types can be advantageous, due in part to their superior torque density.

As an expert manufacturer of precision couplings, R+W can provide solutions for just about any application, harmonizing requirements for high speed and high precision in motion transfer. Companies operate their systems with assurance of process reliability and efficiency when it comes to their use of R+W precision couplings.

R+W offers a wide variety of precision coupling products, ranging from off the shelf standard items to fully customized units, based on collaboration with the customer from concept to delivery.



  • Metal bellows couplings possess an especially high torsional stiffness and corresponding resistance to twisting, resulting from their design and materials of construction. They are typically used for torque levels ranging from 2 to 10,000 Nm and are usually employed in highly dynamic servo drive systems such as those found in machine tools, printing and converting machines, packaging machines, test stands and a large variety of other high speed automation systems.
  • Miniature bellows couplings are ideal for smaller components with torques in the range of 0.05 to 10 Nm. They offer the same level of precision as standard size bellows couplings in devices such as encoders, stepper motors, tachometers, measurement and control systems, and small servo drives.
  • Elastomer couplings are vibration damping, preloaded for zero backlash, and electrically isolating. They transmit torques from 0.5 to 25,000 Nm. Their areas of use are widely diversified, including machine tools, packaging machinery, positioning systems and other machines employing servo drive technology.
  • Safety couplings are used wherever in mechanical engineering there is a need for fast and accurate torque overload release to protect against machine damage. They transfer torques from 0.1 to 2,800 Nm with zero backlash and, in the event of an overload, reliably disengage the driving and driven shafts within milliseconds.
  • Line shafts are suitable for spanning larger distances, such as those found between motorized jacks, belt driven linear actuators, and gantries. They are available either with metal bellows or elastomer insert type couplings, and transmit torques from 9 to 25,000 Nm, with zero backlash, and either high torsional stiffness or vibration damping.
  • Servo disk pack couplings are suitable for drive applications requiring speed and/or precision in harsh environments. They are usually employed in machine tools, packaging machinery, industrial robots, and general automation systems.