The ability of industrial countries to compete as production locations strongly depends on the automation options available. The best possible fusion of flexibility and productivity is offered by robot-based, flexible production systems. In the case of modern robots, high-precision servo motors are used for precise positioning and dynamic processing. Torsion-resistant metal bellows couplings are used for the high-precision transfer of dynamics.

R+W is the leading manufacturer of metal bellows couplings and supplies special robot attachment flanges to use for coupling with robots. Compact safety couplings by R+W are used for such highly dynamic systems to protect these drivetrains and machines against damage. Combined with a metal bellows, the coupling provides precise positioning, compensation for shaft misalignments in the drive train and protection of sensitive servo motors. The development of fully automated production continues. R+W continue to serve as an experienced development partner in this trend and will ensure that motion is transferred to where it is needed.

R+W  Solutions for Robotics