Linear drives


To refine steel and aluminum, the coils are welded together to form a seamless strip. This requires delays in processing. These delays would normally lead to interruptions, but the refining process must be run continuously.

For this purpose, a strip accumulator tower over 15 meters high is used in the interim, which consists of a fixed pulley block as well as several movable pulley blocks. As a final feature, they can be moved up and down on demand. The material strip runs through these pulleys in a loop shape so that over 300 meters of material can be stored in the moving accumulator. The customer relies on jack screw drives to adjust the pulley blocks vertically. A torsion-resistant intermediate axle by R+W is used to precisely transfer the rotational force with zero backlash between two jack screws to a distance of 3 m without requiring interim storage. Thus, the overall weight of the pipe does not affect the placement of the jack screw assemblies, but rather is carried by internal gimbals which simultaneously serve as a mounting device.

R+W  Solutions for Linear drives