Erneuerbare Energien Branche R+W Kupplungen

Solutions for renewable energies

R+W delivers groundbreaking coupling technologies and new designs for maximum technical performance in the field of renewable energies.

As the market leader for metal bellows couplings, we provided backlash-free, torsionally rigid and maintenance-free metal bellows couplings for the wind energy megaproject of a plant construction company. The massive offshore wind farm supplies enough energy to power 210,000 homes. Covering a total area of 35 square kilometers, 100 wind turbines that stand 115 m have the ability to output of 300 megawatts of power.

A major requirement for innovative coupling solutions comes from the wind energy sector and its pitch control systems designed for individual control of the blades in a wind power generator. A metal bellows coupling is i ideal for this application. Wind may be a great source of energy, but it also brings along constant cold and wet weather conditions, gale forces and turbulence. Consequently, we ensure that our coupling systems provide top performance and guarantee efficient and cost-optimized operation even in the toughest conditions …anywhere in the world.

Find out about our standard product offering or custom coupling solutions developed specifically for your requirements.

R+W  Solutions for Renewable Energies