New developments and specialized coupling solutions

Since 1990, R+W has had a dedicated R&D department for new advancements and special solutions involving precision and industrial drive couplings, employing a talented team of engineers focused on customer-specific application requirements.

With the cooperation of universities in Bayreuth and Aachen (Germany), R+W is able to test its newly designed and analyzed products on state of the art equipment.

This department is responsible for several milestones in coupling technology, such as the first two-piece, blind-mate bellows coupling and the SL ULTRALIGHT safety coupling.

It is currently R+W's goal to develop at least one entirely new series of couplings to present to the world market each year. In addition to new product developments, our team has worked extensively on high profile engineering projects, including custom safety couplings for the International Space Station and blind-mate bellows couplings for the world's largest machine at CERN.