Linear drives


Whether used in cold-rolled strip, hot-rolled strip or roll forming production. The material is transported to the next step anywhere in production with separately driven rollers. When a roller drive fails, the remaining drives have to absorb the force for further transport. This frequently has a negative impact on the surface coating of the rollers and thus on the service and useful life of the system.

It is therefore essential to prevent coupling failures on the roller drive. Since the material to be transported often emits temperatures of over 180°C, spider couplings are not a long-life, durable solution. Even curved-tooth couplings are not an alternative for the application due to the maintenance required. Metal bellows couplings, however, offer a real alternative. In addition to their rugged design, these compensate for misalignments or thermal expansion caused during installation. To meet a specific operating requirement for impact resistance, these couplings are also optionally provided with an integrated safety system.

R+W  Solutions for Linear drives