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Solutions for the aerospace industry

You will find the most innovative and performance optimized technology in the aerospace industry, and these days, this sector is starting to reach milestones that require the best and top of the line technology. Seating for over 525 passengers or cruising ranges of more than 15,200 km are just a couple impressive accomplishments of the latest generation of wide-body commercial aircrafts.

Figures like these can only be achieved with the help of high-end technology such as R+W coupling systems. Our coupling solutions must meet many requirements, but the two most important are absolute reliability and infinite service life.

As an example of the specific requirements in this industry, R+W develops unique line shafts for controlling lift supports. These lightweight shafts not only reduce the weight of the assembly, but also perform with outstanding performance density. This design came to life with the use of an intermediate tube made entirely of composite material and a custom weight-optimized flange connection.

Find out about our standard product offering or custom coupling solutions developed specifically for your requirements.

R+W  Solutions for Aerospace