Marinetechnik Branche R+W Kupplungen

Solution for marine engineering

Marinetechnik Branche R+W Kupplungen

R+W precision couplings are used in many areas of marine engineering. Post-Panamax ships can now achieve a breathtaking output of up to 110,000 horsepower and have a propeller 10 meters in diameter. With our coupling solutions we have become a strong industry partner for this high-performance technology in the future.

Numerous manufacturers in the marine engineering and shipbuilding industry rely on lightweight, durable and absolutely maintenance-free R+W safety couplings to ensure the efficienct and perfect power transmission of their azimuth thrusters. Well conceived intermediate axles bridge distances inside the vessel’s hull and ensure power transmission without distribution losses. They also compensate for a very large amount of shaft misalignment.

Find out about our standard product offering or custom coupling solutions developed specifically for your requirements.

R+W  Solutions for Marine Engineering